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Elevator in the Brain Hotel

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Tournament Players

1st Connie Le66
2nd indermohan sandhu51
3rd Jeffrey Crespin46
4th Eurosight45.5
5th clementMD44.5
6th jcran6143.5
7th Joseph Nesta42
8th olddoc41.5
9th Labrat(10:23)41
10th Lola(12:55)41
1st skinlizzy(10:43)43.5
2nd PinkOrchid(13:30)43.5
3rd PuddinHead42
4th tsurph41.5
5th chris91640.67
6th emtkathy40
7th Hillbloodhound39
8th DD38.5
9th Debbie657036
10th eam7734
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In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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