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Matters of the Heart (and lungs and GI tract) / Pediatric Puzzlers

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1st jameeka51
2nd Connie Le50
3rd sjsager(12:08)45
4th PaTom(12:43)45
5th Eurosight44
6th rcpidmd(8:12)43
7th clementMD(10:44)43
8th mcrookham41
9th aver40
10th spring(8:57)39
11th brandy(10:13)39
12th EdMD(9:51)38
13th drLax7(12:09)38
14th Noel819(13:55)38
15th alias5(14:26)38
16th Labrat3(9:09)37
17th hoosier(10:48)37
18th emc2(11:13)37
19th Robert Newman(12:11)37
20th Jeffrey Crespin(7:04)36
21st trbmd(10:05)36
22nd butterr(13:28)36
23rd LV Pediatrician35.75
24th Edward Supinski(8:38)35
25th carefuldoc(9:43)35
26th Dan Matz(10:38)35
27th af0578(11:26)35
28th arnoldmc34
29th Marilyn Murr(12:18)33
30th med quiz(12:57)33
31st luckydawg(7:18)32
32nd Fergmeister(9:29)32
33rd Astuoni(11:35)32
34th hars(5:27)31
35th dhon53(9:12)31
36th flatiron88(10:24)31
37th Gary D. Miller(10:58)31
38th Ashokkumar Shah(11:34)31
39th Saad Hafidh(12:27)31
40th ira(12:28)31
41st Zarina Bandukwala(14:22)31
42nd Dr.C29.75
43rd drv(11:55)29
44th doctorroma(15:17)29
45th lilypad(4:03)28
46th RockyII(8:51)28
47th personofinterest(9:58)28
48th Robertin(7:09)27
49th Melanie Austin(11:40)27
50th spiritwalker(12:03)27
51st jobu(6:47)26
52nd BigShaht(8:56)26
53rd Leader(14:06)26
54th jenmarit(14:15)26
55th mommadoc(8:38)25
56th Lola(10:06)25
57th cats4469(11:51)25
58th d3clark(14:55)25
59th Joseph Battaglia(7:55)24
60th Swimmer(8:03)24
61st Fast1923.75
62nd teeya23
63rd SUPER DOC(10:01)22
64th ARAMD(10:36)22
65th Sparkie21.75
66th Dr. Ken20.75
67th perefalc20
68th Daisymae0617.75
1st SMITTI7943
2nd AC41
3rd skinlizzy40
4th DrYkroc39
5th jlgamache38
6th Shogun Ken37
7th lablover36.75
8th quiznurse(9:18)35
9th Matt99(10:54)35
10th DD(11:32)35
11th Dewey(11:34)35
12th chris916(11:56)34
13th Buster(17:55)34
14th studentx33
15th shorthair(10:34)32
16th Kaitlyn Howland(13:27)32
17th PagirlLouise(13:35)32
18th alex(14:18)32
19th Hong Mun Kong(12:11)31
20th kberretta(12:53)31
21st JoFo29.75
22nd Schnauzer whisperer29
23rd blazintoes(10:00)28
24th Bcell(11:30)28
25th Linda Barany(12:07)28
26th glory27
27th uncledave(6:49)26
28th Betsy Gaffney(11:12)26
29th Erica Sprey(11:28)26
30th Rxbeauty(11:52)26
31st zippy(11:52)26
32nd Veaz(13:06)26
33rd twrlgrl25.75
34th Doctora Casa(12:08)25
35th Jacqui(14:30)25
36th froggy(14:47)25
37th mstram24.75
38th Edie85635(9:20)24
39th buster1(10:34)24
40th Verde(11:35)24
41st endo23
42nd eam77(7:45)22
43rd Bo(11:18)22
44th Dorothy Gale(11:24)22
45th Emmaleigh47(7:59)21
46th Onessa(10:52)21
47th joe vincent(11:32)21
48th emtkathy20.75
49th jkatrice(8:59)20
50th nar(10:33)20
51st Ednstead21(12:50)20
52nd sue12175(7:27)19
53rd maisse45(11:18)19
54th Padmavathy Ramaswamy18.75
55th tsurph(9:58)18
56th Leah Wahl(12:16)18
57th cp5680(14:30)18
59th drsesan15.75
60th hchester14.75
61st mhdz51812.75
62nd amra11.75
63rd GaryK9.75
64th MsCorella8.75

In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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