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Rash Decisions, Good Reasons to Stay Home Tonight, Clinician's Potpourri

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1st sam(8:42)44
2nd Labrat(9:10)44
3rd clementMD42
4th PaTom41.2
5th Lozark(11:55)41
6th HOMEOSTASIS(12:37)41
7th Joseph Nesta40
8th udeldoc38.2
9th Swimmer38
10th indermohan sandhu37
1st bo graha56
2nd eam7736
3rd PuddinHead(8:49)34.2
4th venzie5(10:25)34.2
5th PinkOrchid(6:56)33.2
6th Nancy(13:36)33.2
7th Shogun Ken33
8th sarahans(8:21)32
9th Terry Carr(10:55)32
10th DrYkroc31.2
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In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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