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I'm Looking Through You / EENT IQ / Senior Moments / Child's Play (NOT!)

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1st aver55
2nd green51
3rd cubycy49
4th oncocyte48
5th jcran61(7:22)47
6th trbmd(9:01)47
7th EdMD(9:05)47
8th Lola(10:09)47
9th nins99(4:06)45
10th Connie Le(11:29)45
1st bo graha53
2nd RD44.5
3rd jezebel(7:57)42.5
4th tbirdbeth(8:51)42.5
5th Matt9939
6th Lisa Barratt(7:50)38
7th chris916(10:51)38
8th jlgamache(9:18)37
9th PNPmary(11:18)37
10th psbintl(14:32)37
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In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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